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The experiment is complete November 9, 2009

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Chunky milk

During my evening walks, while nobody is around, I have discovered that there are science experiments going on all around.  Even in the community refrigerator.  I believe this experiment is called:  “How long does it take for milk to become a solid in a plastic water bottle?”

And I believe the result will be “four months.”


8 Responses to “The experiment is complete”

  1. Cactus Says:

    So that’s what that was. I wondered but dared not touch.

    When I try to touch plastic bottles, there are usually repercussion.

  2. Kris Peters Says:

    Phil goes in the fridge too?

    • Phil Says:

      Yes. Look at my life. Or death. Whatever. I have to amuse myself in much the same way that you humans will glance into a friend’s medicine cabinet. Or at least I’ve HEARD that’s what you humans do.

  3. Igor Says:

    Oh no! The experiments have been discovered! Master will be so upset.

  4. Andy Samburg Says:

    I would throw it on the ground!

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